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What Are the Benefits of Selling by Auction

There now appears to be a new requirement from buyers, the straight forward non problematical residential flat, house or bungalow!

A strange request you might think? Well the main reason for this change in trends is actually that buying at auction is fast becoming a far more acceptable and often preferred way for purchasers to buy their homes because this particular system offers speed, clarity, certainty and most of all, NO CHAIN!

So what are the benefits to you, the seller?


It seems clear to me that this new breed of ‘auction buyer’ is not out there just to pick up a bargain but to simply take advantage of an alternative and efficient way of buying their home and by doing so, eliminating many of the stresses, strains and uncertainty associated with ‘the other system’!

It would seem that no longer is the auction process being deemed a ‘last resort’ to sell property, in fact it is instead fast becoming many people’s first and preferred option!